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How We Do It

Whether you have a hair loss situation (such as Alopecia or Trichotellomania), or just want to make your own hair appear longer and/or thicker, we have a method that will work for you.


Anchor Point System:

This is Hollywood’s best-kept hair extensions secret! We proudly introduce this exclusive method that will make you happy to say bye-bye to braids forever! It is an excellent (or the best) way to attach rows of hair and top pieces to the root of your hair in a quick and simple procedure.

It eliminates the bumpiness of a braid, allowing the pieces to lay flat on ones head, doesn’t track ones hair down and allows ones own hair to be incorporated into the style. This method reduces the stress on the hair because it allows alternation of the spots used to attach the pieces. When using this technique you can wash your hair, style it, sleep in it, and even swim in it! No glue, no braids. This method requires an approximately 6-week maintenance.


Why pay Great Lengths prices? We have a method that provides all the advantages of individual hair extensions at an affordable price. Our keratin-based adhesive is gentle on the hair and it allows us to re-use the hair at your maintenance appointment (approximately 10-12 weeks).


Clip on rows of hair, ponytails or top pieces. This method requires no maintenance.

Our Products:

We use the finest quality human hair to make pieces that accommodate each individuals hair requirements. Unlike other salons, all of our products can be reused after the initial installation.

Rows of Hair:

For thicker, longer hair. We make them in our salon, giving you the ability to blend colors and manage the width and density.


We make them ourselves for color and density management. Our method is a gentler one than is used at Great Lengths, and the hair is re-usable!

Top Units:

Custom made fit, shape and size are an excellent alternative to wigs (for hair loss). Partial or full size hairpieces provide great coverage for trouble areas. When using our exclusive anchor point system of attachment they stay on for approximately 6 weeks without the use of glue. See Techniques.

Special Occasions:

Ponytails and clip-on pieces for when you really want to look sensational!


We accept cash, checks, VISA and MasterCard. A custom estimate can be provided at a consultation appointment. Please call for a price quote 303-245-9172 (studio) or 303-931-8236 (cell).

Additional Services:

We are licensed cosmetologists and we also offer the following services:

Hair coloring


Highlights and Lowlights

Hair Frosting

Custom Hair Coloring

Scalp Treatments

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Hair Cutting

Blow Drying

Hair Straightening

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Styling

We carry Biolage, Redken, Nioxin, Crew, Artec, Ampufy, JSO, BioSilk, Logics, Matrix, Tigi Bed Head, Framesi, Promax, and Therma Fuse Products.