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Jodie Woodward has been a licensed Cosmetologist since 1985.  She completed the Charles Ross Beauty School in Los Angeles and after finishing beauty school; she began styling period pieces for the various Hollywood studios. Having thin hair herself, Jodie began to look into hair extensions in the Lo Angeles area. What she found was that ready-to-wear hair was low quality, synthetic or human hair with the cuticle stripped from it.  She also learned these ready-to-wear hairpieces didn’t match the color or texture of natural hair.

After landing a job with the Pillerella Hair Replacement Center, for men and women, Jodie started hand-making custom hairpieces so she could control the quality of the hair, texture and color.  With training from Pillerallas, she was able to refine her skills with hair replacements, extensions and wigs. Shortly after working in the center, Jodie worked on the 1986 Super Bowl halftime show styling 142 Ginger Rogers wigs and 99 Shirley Temple wigs. In addition, during her tenure at Pillerella, Jodie worked with many celebrities including Kate Jackson, Valerie Bertinelli, Carol Lawrence, Delta Burke, Perri Lister, Cassey Yates, Debbie Q, Elisbeth Ashley, Terry Thinnes, Jackie Stallone, Rainey Davis, Sylvester Stallone, Maxwell Caulfield , Roy Thinnes, Michael Masser, Michael O. Martian and Kathy Tracy.

In 1989, Jodie moved to New Orleans in 1989 to work with Betty Iverson on Disney film projects.  She worked with Disney Studios as a hairstylist and stunt double wig maker. Some noteworthy actors included Alfrie Woodard and Mario Van Peeples. In addition to this opportunity, she worked on the set of TV sitcoms such as “Orleans”. Her talent was quickly recognized in New Orleans resulting in her work with La Petite Theater in the French Quarter and the New Orleans Opera House.  Her high demand by the studios and the theater district kept her in New Orleans for many years.

After years of working with the studios and theater, Jodie received an increasing number of requests from women needing hair replacement for medical reasons. It was then that she began to focus on restoring hair for those afflicted with medial conditions needing her assistance.

Jodie moved to Boulder in 1997 with her two children where she continued her business with Custom Hair Extensions. Her expertise includes custom and handmade hair extensions, as well as individual pieces. She continues to do artistic hairpieces for theater and other unique situations.  Her business in Boulder has brought her many clients with extreme hair loss and she is currently pursuing the most up-to-date methods in applying hair for every situation. Her expertise is coloring her clients hair, then matching the different colors into a hair unit. She also specializes in hair salon services such as haircuts, styling, coloring, etc.

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